Solar Submersible Well Pumps

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K255SR4 Three Solar Panel System


 3-85 Watt solar panels for a total of 255 watts of power. 25 yr. power output warranty (still producing at least 80% power in 25 yrs)

1-set of aluminum top of pole mounts with fastners. To fit a 2 7/8 OD pole.

1- SR4 aluminum submersible quad piston solar pump with 100 ft. of wire attached.

This solar powered well pump system will produce approximately 20-30% more than the K170SR4 depending on lighting conditions and flow, performs much better than the K170 in low light and cloudy days. Flow decreases as lift and pressure increase.

Complete installation instructions.

1-sand filter sock included.

K255 solar powered well pump systems are not on the flow chart because they won't increase your max gpm over a K170 solar pump system in bright sun light. Where you will see the incredible benefit of these 3 panel solar powered well pump systems is during periods of low light and cloudy weather, they will help the pump produce more water and they will increase your pumping day even on a sunny day by helping the pump run longer and stay at max gpm longer. Total gallons per day increase but not gallons per minute. You will really appreciate a 3 panel solar well pump system the farther north you are due to your shorter days of sunlight, however they are very beneficial even in the south in many pumping scenarios. 


Do you need more additional wire? If so, how much? Cost is .75 per foot.

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