Solar Submersible Well Pumps

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Solar Panel Tracker Plans and Instructions

$50.00 $100.00

Build Your Own Solar Tracker

Drawings are in booklet form showing materials needed and dimensions.

The photos of the tracker on this ad is the tracker I built for a 250 watt solar panel. The cost of the plans and material and equipment needed still make it very affordable. Here is a quick look at what it cost me to make my tracker:

  • Tracker plans $100
  • Steel to make frame $95
  • bolts and grease-able pivot rod $24.50
  • actuator and solar tracker control box $225
  • two 12 volt 7ah batteries hooked up in series $34.50
  • battery storage box $11.50
  • and 2 hours of my time welding

 Comes out to $ 490.50

For 490 dollars I was able to build a heavy duty solar tracker, that is much more substantial than the Chinese made one.

Choose from two Different Designs

Simple drawings and Easy to Follow Instructions

Build in Your Shop or take to a local fabricator

Rated for 100 mph winds

Will Accommodate 1 to 6 -300 watt Solar Panels

Using a Solar Tracker will increase the solar rays to your panels by 40%. I highly recommend using Axetracka circuitry, it is the best design , quality and price to keep your panels always oriented to the Sun

There are three versions, single axis, dual axis and a dual axis with variable wind setting that will park your solar array in the flat position to minimize the 'sail' effect in high winds.

Suggestions given for Linear Actuator, Solar Panels and mounting rail and hardware

Expandable to up to 10 panels

Will Support over 1000 lbs.

Treated Post or Steel Post

Can be ground or rooftop mounted 

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